Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review - Negril

I've recently been eager to try more places in Brixton. We looked into living there but found nowhere in our price range but hey, it's London. There's a very developed transport network and that leaves little excuse not to explore everywhere rather than just your little corner of the city. That being said, when it took me 1.5 hours to get home because of road diversions, traffic and district line delays, I was cursing myself for venturing Streatham-wards. Particularly when I found out that the Explorer managed to get to NORBITON before I got home. Anyway, the food and atmosphere still made it, on balance, worth it.
After some dithering, we opted for the Negril platter as it offered most scope for trying out the various elements of the menu. The saltfish fritters were SUBLIME. Lightly spiced and crispy batter. They would be my dream snack food. The fried plantain were a little greasier but again had the right balance of salty and sweaty, crispy but soft. The jerk was slightly underwhelming: there wasn't much of a kick to it and it wasn't the smokiest. Nevertheless, it was precisely cooked so the chicken was moist and the skin charred. The rice and peas had more of a kick to it and the hot sauce, which tasted home made, was probably the best table sauce I've ever tasted. Anyway, anything lacking from the food (and I promise that there wasn't much of that) was more than made up for by the relaxed and pretty atmosphere. 

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