Sunday, 1 December 2013

Review - The Hackney Pearl

I'm having an old person time again. By that I mean that I'm back to avoiding raucousness and staying in and drinking wine. Sadly, that also means I have nothing to show for my weekend as I didn't do anything with anyone who I don't live/go out with. Even more sad was the fact that having avoided raucousness on Friday, I felt rather ill on Saturday and that meant I missed an opportunity to see some people I don't see very often who I was looking forward to seeing. Sigh. Well, at least I had a nice brunch on Sunday.

The menu is very short and I take that to be a good sign. Do little but do it well. We opted for the bubble and squeak with egg and the breakfast bap. I knew that the Explorer would want the breakfast bap as soon as I saw the menu. He asked why I have an 80% success rate for predicting what he'll choose. (He generally chooses the most tex-mex thing on the menu. Also, usually an item with more ingredients.) On this occasion, he chose well. The chilli jam was an unexpectedly tasty companion for the egg mayo. (More egg than mayo, again a positive.) I'm not sure that the bitter rocket added much but I'm still glad it was there. The bacon tasted just as high quality bacon should. I think my breakfast was better though. Soft patties which almost broke open to reveal somehow still crunchy kale and peppery potato. I was impressed especially by the yellowness of the yolk of the egg on top - you could taste the free range.

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