Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Review - Kaosarn

It's that time of month again. A university friend and I eat good food and get drunk. We were going to go to Elephant but it turned out to be closed. We ended up at Kaosarn for little other reason except the fact that it's BYOB. As we were waiting for our spring rolls starter, I learnt about his life. It's in such a different place to mine that my mind BOGGLES. He's buying a HOUSE. He's getting MARRIED (probably at some point soon, let's be honest once you're indebted together there isn't much stopping you). And he's just so HAPPY. It's so cute. I don't think they're too young. I think it's just right.

AS WERE THE SPRING ROLLS. Fresh, hot, with a side of sticky chilli sauce. But this was nothing compared to the mains. I went for the pad thai remembering my poor choice at Thai Corner Cafe. The noodles were almost see through with their translucency. The chicken was moist and had absorbed the flavour of the wonderful sticky dressing. The peanuts and chillies which were considerately put on one side were actually the perfect amounts to season the dish. The vegetable curry had, as the best Thai curries do, BITE. And spice and slight cream. I enjoyed it at the time and even more when I was waiting for the plumber to come round the next day.

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