Thursday, 19 December 2013

Review - Roti King (Kopi Tiam, Asia Twist Delicious)

I went to the ballet! It turns out that what I was expecting from the opera was actually what the ballet is. The ballet has proved to be yet another English Christmas tradition that I've missed out on my whole life. Seriously, you guys get such a great deal. Well, this year will be my Christmas-iest yet (except for Christmas aged 16 but that was marred by bleakness and depression). Flatmates of Sidney House (the house that never was) have decided to throw a friend-family Christmas. (Not friends and family but just close friends.) Never mind the fact that we don't have a table or enough chairs and Contrary is sceptical about our ability to cook for so many. We'll all be together and, crucially, we'll mostly be drunk. Anyway, the ballet filled me with Christmas cheer too and before we went, we ate at Roti King/Kopi Tiam/Asia Twist Delicious (it's unclear what the proper name is).

The decor is sparse. When waiting for friends to meet us afterwards, I decided to wait outside just to get out. But the food is cheap and high quality. Very basic: a pot of lamb and a roti. The roti was freshly made and slightly chewy but also bouncy and absorbed the gravy to the lamb wonderfully. The lamb was laced with lime and lemongrass and it was so tender. It reminded me of breakfasts in Bangladesh. The rendang was less impressive. Tasty but lacking the fire and kick of Rasa Sayang. Still, it came to £20 with beers.

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