Thursday, 5 December 2013

Review - Shanghai

Aware that I have not been eating out much recently and that if anyone uses this blog for anything, it's for recommendations. (By the way, Earnest, asking Twitter for Cowley Road re commendations rather than me?! Mortally offended.) I had tickets to a thing at the Arcola (Lizzie Sidall, 4* for enjoyability and 3 for 'goodness') and thought it'd be a good time to visit Peppers n' Spice. BUT WAIT, the Explorer's eating there for his birthday only a few days later. Perhaps it's more interesting for the palate to go to Shanghai instead as I have no doubts that my fried rice from Tuesday will be not a patch on the real thing.

We ordered the mixed dim sum, pork and vegetable grilled buns, special dfid rice and plum sauce chicken. The filling on the grilled buns was addictive and mellow but I would've liked the outside to be more determined in sticking to its grilled description. The other dim sum were a mixed bunch, some a little watery. The seafood within was all just cooked and delicious though. Fried rice was pleasant but nothing special. The plum chicken was heady in its sweetness such that you had to let a little sauce drip off before stirring into rice. That being said, the crispy coating managed to stay crisp despite the liquid and I still very much enjoyed it. I'll be going here again but probably not for a special occasion. 

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