Sunday, 22 December 2013

Review - Zain's

It's the Explorer's last night in town for a month and everything's gone to shit. No, really, not melodrama, our boiler broke in the morning just after he left. The night before he left, we spent as we always spend last nights. We use it as an excuse to get somewhat disgusting food and fancy drinks and spend the night indoors. Wait, I'm getting severe deja vu. This is what I ALWAYS talk about when I talk about him leaving. It's really not very interesting. But hey, that's a good thing. If my relationship with the Explorer was an interesting talking point, it would probably indicate that it'd gone to the dogs (no pun intended). And no one wants that.

Zain's were very understanding about the fact that I had only a fifty. Exactly what you'd expect from a restaurant with this adorable blurb: 'The restaurant itself is named after our eldest son, Zain Yusuf Islam, who at the inception of the restaurant was only 4 years old. We take immense care and effort in the preparation of the food and service we provide at Zain’s, as much care and effort as we put in to looking after Zain.'  Anyway, the food is difficult to remember at this point but I remember the standouts: lamb biryani coloured brightly with warm, sunset colours. Everything was well seasoned. The naan tasted fresher than most. The spinach with potatoes was SO flavoursome. The prawns were tasty but a little too achari (sour but in a chutney way) for my liking. I think this was Aziz-level good.

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