Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Review - Delisserie

It was the first Saturday after the Explorer returned! We went on an adventure to North London. We travelled for an hour and a half by bus, train and then bus again and eventually surfaced at Temple Fortune. We headed into our desired lunch spot. They said 'no tables'. We looked disappointed, they took a booking for in half an hour's time. We thought maybe we should invert the order in which we do brunch and charity shopping and headed to All Aboard. All Aboard in Temple Fortune observes the Sabbath. We stepped inside a jewellery shop and I almost bought the Explorer a new watch. But it had an ugly strap and despite the shopkeeper's valiant efforts to sell us a sub par replacement strap, we left. We still had twenty minutes to kill. We went into Waitrose to look at the wine. But the aisle was only three small shelves! So we went over the Marks and Spencers and there we were met with rows and rows of libation. After some dithering, I chose two wines of the month. We went to the longest checkout where I noticed the lady in front of me had a pack of black thongs. I decided now would be a good time to stock up on underwear and headed back to the 'non food' bit of the shop. Sadly, all the pants were size 18 and above and so I returned to the checkout empty handed. A lady tried to let us go in front of her but we insisted she go ahead of us and be slow about it. Then, at precisely 13:27, we returned to Delisserie. 
The menu immediately has that 'Ahh I don't know what to have because I would enjoy everything' effect. The front runners were the salt beef and chopped liver sandwich or the chicken schnitzel. I decided to compromise by getting a Broadway but asking them to replace the hummus with coleslaw. The Explorer had a rare steak sandwich which came with gloriously crisp shoestring fries. I went rogue and ordered latkes and chopped liver on the side. The combinations were so harmonised! Both the individual components of each dish and the dishes together. The steak was rare but lacking that slightly wet quality that often puts me off rare beef. The ciabatta tasted fresh and fluffy and resisted soaking up all of the smoky BBQ sauce. I can't tell you if the chopped liver was a good example of  what it tried to do but I can tell you that it was supremely enjoyable - sweet and luxe. The latke was both chewy and crisp and scented with a herb I can't quite place. The schnitzel sandwich sated my craving: tender, slightly stringy meat encased in robust crumb. I love crumb. And I loved the lightness of the coleslaw. 

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