Thursday, 13 February 2014

Review - Toast

This was my best breakfast ever. It was better than Caravan and the Pavillion and Ginger Pig and god knows where else. It was also a lot cheaper. And the best meal I've had in Edinburgh! (We went to Teuchters Landing on Friday and it was good enough but nothing to write home about. Nice haggis stovies though.) I don't feel that we squandered our time in Edinburgh. I've decided to start disregarding this holiday pressure to self-improve. In fact, I resent ALL pressure to self improve. I hate healthy eating and concerning myself with how I look. I hate pretending that having a drink with dinner isn't lovely and relaxing. But most of all, I hate that I'm in the minority! Sometimes, I just want to be without taking any steps towards self-improvement. I am not just a vessel designed to compete and rewrite my own program such that I am constantly becoming more competitive. And Edinburgh with its seaside walks and on demand TV provides the perfect setting to avoid that. So yeah, this breakfast was great...
I started with the French toast. It was firm and yet slightly squidgy and sweet with a hint of egg but completely lacking that overly savoury, slightly scrambled note that poorly executed French toast has. This was more like bread and butter pudding. Except that it was doused in syrup with charred, crisp bacon atop it. The full breakfast is notable for its ability to make me eat my whole portion of black pudding! It had none of that crumbly, unappetising sense to it. It was just moreish and meaty. The sausages could have done with more fat but that's really just me being a grease lover bitching on how quality they were. The eggs were silky and the mushrooms were crisp. The potato cake was my favourite bit. 

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