Friday, 21 February 2014

Review - Kimchee

I was a Bad Daughter. I totally forgot that I was supposed to be meeting my mother to chew the fat at Euston station while she waited for her train. Instead, I was in Uniqlo wandering around with the boy who she does not know that I live with. She called me and said that I didn't have to come but that was clearly not true. If I didn't go, I would never hear the end of it. Or, there was enough of a risk of me never hearing the end of it that I should just make the mad dash for Euston. I was dressed far too un-conservatively for my mother as she could tell from the fact that I solidly refused to unbutton my cape even when she wanted to see my outfit. I was also a little bit suspicious, as I felt like she knew all the things I keep secret from her since I was not prepared for the meeting. It was all very stressful and I gave her two cupcakes to alleviate my guilt. This was how flustered I was when I went to Kimchee.

We ordered beef bulgogi, seafood bibimbap, the eponymous kimchee and some rice. Firstly: the rice here is excellent. You don't usually notice the rice that comes with the more interesting accompaniments but this rice deserves a shout out. Unfortunately, we forgot to keep stirring the bibimbap so clusters of it were burnt. However, the bits which were in that sweet spot between burnt and plain were so wonderfully roasted and almost caramel-like. The seafood and vegetables were also sweet and became more so in the hot, hot plate. The kimchee looked foul but tasted almost fruitily sour without being too spicy. The bulgogi was best. We're planning on returning to get only the grilled meat and kimchee.

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