Saturday, 1 February 2014

Review - Ottolenghi

Hey, I went to Ottolenghi. I was so excited about it and it ended in disaster. Fortunately, disaster struck shortly after we'd eaten the savoury so only prevented me from eating the sweet. But the sweet looked possibly like it could have been the best bit! And the wine was really lovely and unfinished when I went away. The Explorer didn't get the memo that there is a time and a place to share rude comments made by family about your girlfriend and DATE NIGHT IS NOT IT. Especially when sat at a canteen style table. Anyway, I was seeing so red that I cancelled pudding, paid and left to prevent me from tipping the table over in a rage. BUT I really regret it now because even your own mother being ungracious is no reason to miss out on an Ottolenghi pudding. In the words of a tutoring child 'nevertheless, the savouries were tasty'.

These innocuous looking vegetable plates were PHENOMENAL. How did they TASTE so much? Not just so well but so much. Orange and confit garlic together is a dream, almost like a (really pleasant) smell under your nose clinging to the air. There was crunch too but I can't remember from what, I just remember that there was a blunted nuttiness to every other bite. Roasted kale which was an element of one of plates is BEYOND the best thing I've ever tasted. I want to return just thinking about it. 

The duck and octopus were equally impressive. The duck proved that there should never be a stale, slightly cackish quality to any meat. It should be just complete, crisp yet tender yet chewy. A difficult feat for anyone but one they have down here. The octopus wasn't my choice but was the star of the show. It looked as though it wouldn't be a particularly pleasant texture but I was so wrong. It had a kicking you alive and clearing your sinuses vibe to it that I can't describe. My words are so far from adequate to describe this food. 

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