Saturday, 15 February 2014

Review - Satay House

Let's talk about my LARC. There are many angles from which to consider the LARC. Last Thursday I was contemplating how strange it is that it lasts three years and how I worry it'll become like a yardstick to measure the progress of my life. (Most frighteningly, that two LARCs from now I might not want a new one as it's time to decide if I want to bring spawn onto this godforsaken planet.) The other angle which was more current a month ago when I could barely move my left arm after having it put in is obviously the WHY IS CONTRACEPTION THE WOMAN'S RESPONSIBILITY and while that's hands down the most important thing to discuss re: LARC, this isn't the place. (But if you don't think there's something unfair in the current system, you can suck it and never mention it to me as I'll find it more difficult to respect you.) The one most on my antenna at the moment is a side effect: hormones. I was a particularly tormented (hormonally and otherwise) teenager and also became sexually active (and protected!!) earlier than I would like. So I have little experience of life without either cruelly disruptive or artificially controlling hormones. In fact, a couple of weeks into LARC time, I felt so at peace that I was convinced it was because I was having a better reaction than I did to the pill. But then I surveyed my life and thought that maybe I was at peace because I'm pretty happy. It's so hard to tell! Isn't that strange? I can't tell how authentic my feelings are because of a thing in my arm/a pill that I take. Also, why are hormone induced feelings considered less real? Probably because I recognise myself as someone who doesn't cry often, especially not at serious things, so when I cry on a number 25 bus for seemingly no reason at all, I would like to disassociate myself from myself. Particularly when the next day I was as happy as pie during Malay lunch date.
We  both felt a little strange and tired and so we thought the solution would be to order everything. We went for the anchovy fried rice which turned out to be a little too strong. It was a little too salty for my liking and I would've enjoyed a squeeze of lemon to cut through it all. But the flavours (underneath the strength) were enjoyable. The rendang: deep flavours, clearly slow cooked and developed. However, the meat was a little stringy. It went wonderfully with the fluffy roti. The dahl that accompanied the roti was heavy with fennel (I think) but almost creamy. The sticky fried chicken was wonderful: crisp casing releasing the moist chicken within. The onions were so chunky and light as well. Potato cutlets with lamb were velvety and a nice slightly bland contrast to everything else.

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