Friday, 7 March 2014

Recipe - Jalapeno Cheddar Scones

I did not have pancakes on pancake day. I am not that mad on pancakes and, when giving up none of the constituent ingredients, don't see the point. I have taken up hot yoga instead. Faced with the choice again, I would certainly give up all of those ingredients and more instead. Hot yoga is hard and painful. I had to deal with the excruciating embarrassment of leaving for a little while 45 minutes into the class. I really thought I was going to vomit or pass out and judged that to be (marginally) more embarrassing than being the loser who left. Everyone else was SO casual about the heat. And the yoga studio was much more full of fitness babes than the previous, 'love yourself' hippie studio that I'd been visiting. I will never be a fitness babe, as evidenced by the fact that I ate the following three hours before yoga. Error.
Jalapeno Cheddar Scones (the American kind)
1 cup flour
Half tablespoon baking powder
Half teaspoon salt
50g butter
Quarter cup double cream
2 eggs
50g cheddar cheese, diced
2 teaspoons jarred jalapenos, finely chopped

Preheat oven to 200.
Mix butter with baking powder and salt and flour.
Rub together butter and flour until butter is pea sized lumps.
Whip together eggs and cream. Add together butter flour mixture and fold.
Add the cheese and jalapenos.
On a REALLY WELL FLOURED surface, knead the mixture for about a minute.
Roll out into a one inch thick sheet.
Cut into shapes of your choosing.

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