Saturday, 29 March 2014

Review - Sedap

My boss found my blog (hi Andrew!) but I am determined to ignore that when writing and stay true to the borderline manic spirit that I've cultivated so far. I have no recipes to share since I feel that it would be cheeky to claim what the Explorer cooked as my own especially when he's managed to make everything (beef kebabs with tzatziki, prawn noodle broth) so well. (Maybe he should start a blog?) Indeed, he's becoming a regular domestic Dennis since I basically do no chores now. Except on the weekend when I tidy and vacuum and go to Tesco. Oh god, I've turned into my mother. ANYWAY, obviously a girl's got to eat even when her boyfriend isn't feeding her - I've eaten out at a few places. I'll talk about Sedap in this one but I should give a small shout out to BLT.
I got myself a gourmet wrap from here - named the Ukrainian and involving chicken Kiev, paprika potatoes, slaw, jalapeño and at least three other elements - it was UNREAL. Unfortunately, everyone else had gone to Pilpel already but I'm sure they're all really grateful that I introduced this place to their lives. (No, seriously, they all went the next day.) Unfortunately for them, the umbilical cord is being cut and they're all being sent away into the big wide world next week. So our time to bond and cement is rapidly coming to a close... Had I thought a little harder about this, I wouldn't have arranged to see other friends on our last big #newFriday. I had major FOMO on Friday morning when everyone had had a great time and stood together in hungover post-quiz solidarity. Still, I got to cross Sedap off my list.
Anyway, I certainly needed Thursday evening to get me out of the 'don't talk just sleep' evening routine that I've been following lately. And I haven't seen my friends in ages. I don't even care that the food at Sedap was lukewarm (in both sense of the term) and that's not just because the rendang had a fruitiness to it that I think gives it some leeway. It was calm and refreshing to just talk about nothing in particular instead of silently eating food with the ever steadfast and forgiving Explorer before bed. Oh and the mackerel with the nasi lamek deserves a shout out for playing the part of a crispy fishy (not too fishy) fish. Good value flavours.

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