Saturday, 19 April 2014

Recipe - Recovery Beetroot Stew

Guys, I've progressed as a cook! I made the mistake of trying to cook after a #madone (I went to bed at 6! I'm so grown up!!!) and it was just a shambles. I'd had dreams about my alternative Sunday Roast and all the textures of the rarely used vegetables that I'd do on the side. I even spent an hour discussing beetroot. Sadly, it all came out as a mess. A poorly coordinated and timed mess. It was just bad. The Jerusalem artichokes were tough, the beetroot unpleasantly sour and the beef - let's not even go there. The thought of taking a lunchbox with my mistakes in was just too much so I decided to undertake recovery mission. Place the disasters in a pot with just enough stock to cover and gently simmer. It came out velvety, rich and sweet.

Recovery beetroot stew
600g topside of beef, sliced
3 beetroots, cooked
6 Jerusalem artichokes, halved and roasted 
1 carrot, roughly chopped
2 onions, roughly chopped 
Handful of sprouts 
Sprinkle of dried thyme
Sprinkle of dried rosemary 

Simmer together with a stock and enough water to cover for a couple of ours. I had this with bread one day and falafel the next.

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