Saturday, 22 March 2014

Review - Hurwundeki

I'm ill on my third day of work. JUST MY LUCK. I have newfound respect for those worker bees amongst you (ie everyone) who have spent all of these years manning up and dealing with ill health instead of taking duvet days. It is not easy. So when I left, still ill, with a pounding headache and aching legs, I had to just sit with closed eyes at the bus stop for a while, contemplating whether or not to flake on my dinner plans. But then, at the crucial point when I had opportunity to get on the 8, I realised that Egg would already be on her way. So I bought some prosecco and took down my hair to ease what was hopefully a tension headache. And then everything seemed a little bit lighter and I felt more human while taking a seat at Hurwundeki. Oh dear, I accidentally deleted the photo along with all my LinkedIn outtakes.

I ordered the pork belly after much indecision. I don't know what I can say about it expect that it had a side a lot like kimchee with it and itself, it was very similar to bulgogi. However, I don't know that it sticks to its 'thinly sliced' brief and consequently, it was too chewy. I'm not sure that the sauce on the sideadded much  either. BUT I was incredibly jealous about the mackerel which the other two got and the it was a really calmingly, charmingly hotchpotch place to try to forget about the fact that it's only Wednesday. 

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