Saturday, 12 April 2014

Review - Pizza East

An undeniably great thing about working in Shoreditch is all of the lunch. I've decided to take it upon myself to blog about the nearby lunch places for the benefit of my coworkers. Aren't I nice? Actually, a really fabulous (I'm really struggling to think of synonyms for 'good' today) bit of my life at the moment is that there are lots of opportunities to write. I'm keeping up with BioNews and this (although I did a lot of umming and aahing about this a couple of weeks ago) and have quite a few opportunities to write for work too. And since I'm not a Hannah Hogarth 'AH I HAVE SO MUCH SOARING CREATIVITY THAT IS WAITING TO POUR OUT' type, I'm actually pretty thrilled to continue to have the opportunity to write, even in a non-fiction context. I'm not a great novelist and it's rapidly become clear that I don't think I will be. Real writers just write. And I write! But not the kind of thing that I thought I'd write. But that's a sign! Anyway, why did I embark upon this tangent? Oh yeah, lunch. I've taken it upon myself to suggest lunch places to my team as well. We went to Pizza East!

I decided to go greedy and get a range of antipasti. I was so hungry that I found the ordering part VERY difficult. I also found it really difficult to maintain conversation with the newest member of my team since I really cannot do talking just before lunch time. But when my ossobucco, broccoli and croquettes came, I was filled with GLEE.  I was a little apprehensive about the wateriness of the ossobucco sauce but it was still rich and not too thin. Perhaps I should have just ordered some bread to go with it. Broccoli was simple but in that overwhelmingly positive 'how did you make broccoli and almonds taste so great?' Croquettes were moreish as fuck. The broad bean element to them was genius. Well done, Pizza East.

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