Sunday, 11 May 2014

Recipe - Busaba Eatthai

The mystery is solved – the reason I have nothing new to say even though my already unremarkable life has not become (drastically) less interesting is because all my anecdotes are now work related. And I don’t ever want to talk about work outside of working hours. And I certainly shall not be talking about it on a web log. Anyway, one such mystery work anecdote arose on Wednesday. Let’s just say – it was a small deal that no one but me would be interested in. And appearing at dinner with a harried composure was completely unnecessary. As was the apologising for said stressfulness. SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE (…and then I went to dinner.)

Smoky chicken noodles contrasted with fresh broccoli. Very good. Crab cakes - exceptional flavour, perfect level of heat. The peanut sauce that came with it had all the quality that a good relish should: a dancing partner for the main event that doesn't steal the limelight. My only criticism is that my noodles were a little lukewarm. But also, this was now four days ago so maybe I'm remembering incorrectly.

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