Saturday, 31 May 2014

Recipe - Courgette Fritters, Menemen (Turkish Eggs)

My vegetable fish and bean initiative has begun. The only snag is that it's such a contrast with my previous 'let's eat dem pies' diet that it results in me continuing to be ravenously hungry after eating at lunch at work and then buying more food. (Or, as the case may be, my manager buying me more food as I didn't have my purse with me.) However, the cooking that's resulted from this initiative is worth talking about. Take a look:

First we had courgette fritters. I followed this recipe pretty closely but then threw in about half a cup of parmesan. I don't understand how we're not all eating courgette fritters all the time. They are so delicious. I paired mine with tarragon and thyme roasted carrots and parsnips and a roasted red pepper sauce (roast some peppers, add some basil, and a little ketchup and blitz in a minipimer) and an egg because I couldn't resist. Eggs are my current favourite.
As you can see I've gone egg-crazy. Menemen is so simple and tasty for brunch. It's just frying onions and peppers until soft and sweet, adding a can of tomatoes then cracking in eggs to poach in the thickened sauce. I served this with some toasted chappati. Flat breads lead me to the unphotographed ones. Roasted squash and red onion quesadillas (cumin, coriander, nutmeg, paprika on the vegetables, served with cheese, creme fraiche, spring onions, red pepper and fresh herbs) were so quick that I couldn't resist eating two, therefore meaning I had to buy (meaty, unhealthy) lunch the next day. These lentils were delicious alone but irresistible with some salty roasted ham.

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