Saturday, 31 May 2014

Review - Cay Tre

I did fun on a Tuesday! It was totally spontaneous as well. I usually do all my plan making all at once on the bus in the morning or at a lull in the weekend. It's always clear to people when that's happening too since they get a flurry of correspondence all at once. Being a creature of habit and ritual means that both doing something fun on a Tuesday and not planning it until the day in question are remarkable. (I literally mean worth remarking on.) But that's the benefit of having friends who work near ya. We went to a crap bar with many beers followed by Cay Tre.

I am so boring - every time I have Keu lunch pot I have lemongrass chicken curry. But I had it again! It's just that it's so warm yet with a kick to it and the potato takes on all the lovely flavour. Managing to be warm and lively concurrently is pretty impressive for food (not so much in a person). We got some spring rolls to share as well - they had a crisp texture but perhaps not all that much going on within. The bill came to around £20 a head which is very reasonable but I was paying for two to hold up my end of the 'come for food on your way home now!' bargain so I felt very irresponsible and guilty again the next morning.

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