Saturday, 31 May 2014

Review - Duck Egg Cafe

Yeah! The bank holiday! I can only imagine how excited I'll get when I take my first real life holiday. Anyway, somehow having three days instead of two miraculously makes me make more of my weekend. I went to Brighton! It's great! I will be taking a weekend away there again shortly. OH WAIT I'VE FILLED UP ALL THE REMAINING BANK HOLIDAYS WITH OTHER THINGS. Sigh. Anyway, I came back and still had time to meet other friends for food. I went to a surprisingly great Greek place but since we only shared a mezze platter, I think it would be fairer to eat more there before reviewing. However, I can review Duck Egg Cafe, our brunch spot the next day. I think my attitude to ordering brunch epitomises how paralysed with fear I feel whenever I take an opportunity. How can I know it's the best one?! I remember while tutoring teaching a SATs paper where the comprehension was exactly that (with undertones of how capitalist society is ruining all our lives) - too much choice leads to much more worry. Seriously, deciding when to take holidays off this year has been hell. How do I know that I won't be feeling realllly in need of a break sometime in October? Which reminds me: I'm going to Bangladesh this year. Remembering that has really taken the wind out of my sails. Let's review the food.
So, the indecision had me stretched like one of those medieval torture things between the Tuscan beans, bubble and squeak with egg and Catalan scrambled eggs. I went for Catalan eggs and immediately wanted to change to the Tuscan beans but then I was too late and I had a stern mental talking to myself about how I'm not a child and I can deal with eating whatever food comes my way. Also, my brunch buddy made the legitimate point that Duck Egg Cafe is not going anywhere. Although I'm definitely not in Brixton often enough to repeat places just yet. MOVING ON. My god, these eggs were good. They were so smooth and so creamy but without diluting any of that moreish egginess. The chorizo was spicy and salty and heavy in contrast and the crispy potatoes were halfway between the two - crispy but also some more soft velvetiness. Peppers and spring onions added a little sweetness to the proceedings and the bread was clearly very posh. See, that wasn't so hard.

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