Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Review - Japanese Canteen, Ruby

It's been a week of lunching out instead of sticking to my happy tupperware boxes. Actually, it's been a week of eating out generally and eating really quite rich food. Oh no, I just counted the number of times I ate out and then considered my bank balance. To kick it off, I had a business lunch on Wednesday. We talked about our filofaxes and conference room B. Now that I'm over agonising where to choose and worrying about whether it's too formal/casual/bad/expensive, I can just enjoy the food! I chose Japanese Canteen this time - like a slightly upscaled Wasabi. (Side note - I had a wasa-pea for the first time a couple of days ago. Never again.) I ordered my usual katsu curry but regretted not choosing fish once my colleague's lunch came. Still, my lunch came with little pots of salad. A juicy, wet cucumber and sesame thing as well as a grated carrot and radish concoction. Both very fresh but I perhaps would've appreciated less dressing and more crunch. The sauce was unexceptional but not unpleasant. I think I prefer pumpkin to potato in a katsu though. The chicken was plump and crispy but had a hint of fish oil aroma to it. That's my only criticism. A very reasonable, quick Liverpool Street lunch.

The following day, I thought I'd meet a real life friend for lunch. I took a whole forty minute break! We went to Ruby where I thought 'chicken again, really, Ari?' but I just really fancied a grilled chicken sandwich. It was lovely - a griddled, juicy fillet on crusty, rosemary foccacia. The salad it came with was seasoned too which I appreciate. It significantly improved my mood for the afternoon.

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