Sunday, 4 May 2014

Review - The Jones Family Project

Do you remember when I wrote about going for brunch and being hungover and lightly mocked myself for having nothing new or interesting to say? Well, I accidentally deleted that post! (I feel much better about the whole 'once something's online you can never get rid of it' thing - this might be true but I'm sure not that many people can find it. ) Anyway, in a very Groundhog Day-esque turn of events, I ended up going again. It was as if the gods had designed it so that it would become acutely clear that I probably need to mix things up a bit or I'll never have anything new to say again. We went to Jones Family Project where I ate the exact same food (unoriginal, I know) and had a hangover (boring). The only difference was that I ate more of it. Must try harder.
More of those salty matchstick fries (although I don't think I'm imagining I when I say they weren't as good as last time). The fish was as crisp and just flaking as last time. The tartare sauce was as pleasantly pungent as before. The service was, sadly, much less competent but just as friendly.

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