Thursday, 12 June 2014

Review - Andina

Remember how back in the university days I harped on about having no self control and getting drunk and then feeling guilty? It appears that it's just in my nature to be completely unable to resist any temptation ever. It just manifests itself in different ways now: I've shifted to having no control with money and food. So what prompted this shift? Well, I really don't handle discomfort well. So you can see how being hungover or tired at work on any day but Friday would not work out well for me. This displaces my self indulgent side to food (and consequently money). So much food (even more money - I quite like buying clothes too). That's why I'm stuck with this blog. The condition is that something good is born of this disgusting overindulgence - and that is that I always, always write about it and strive to get better. So let's chat about Andina.

Actually, this meal didn't make me feel so guilty. It was all very fresh and gave the illusion of health (and I didn't pay). We had a few people at the table and had the set menu. But it's not set up so that you have to choose between options: they bring sharing plates of everything. Everything being lots of ceviche and quinoa. The ceviche Andina was hands down my favourite: sharp, acidic sea bass on a bed of creamy avocado and warming sweet potato. The sea trout was almost as enjoyable but the vermicelli crunch went less well with it in my opinion. Sato I can't remember as well but I think positioned as my middle favourite. This was my first time trying quinoa and boy, was I pleasantly surprised. Pearly grains sitting on fresh spinach with a sweet jam. Quinoa was  involved in the dessert too - a crumbly, rich chocolate brownie. The green incha beans had me craving them for the rest of the week. My only other criticism is that amongst all the delicious fish, the meat skewers fade into insignificance. But I suppose they have to have an offering for people less into raw fish and quinoa...

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