Sunday, 8 June 2014

Review - Dean Street Townhouse

I am exhausted. When I consider if it's much too lame to have given up on a weekday social life aged 22, I will remember this feeling of sheer exhaustion and conclude that sleep is better than a social life. It's also better for my bank balance and my health - fish and bean diet prior to Nice is not going well. Indeed, it's gone the opposite way: I've devoured a gargantuan burrito from BLT, katsu curry, a Hache burger and am off the charts on the units calculator (this is not a serious statement, in case it wasn't clear). Oh no, I've just realised that I had 5 meals yesterday. I'm going to die a horrible gouty death. But maybe it'll be worth it? Dean Street Townhouse was a lot of fun...
We went pre-theatre (Book of Mormon!!) and had the pea and mint broth, cured salmon, fish and chips and pork chop. I cannot fathom how people make it through three courses. While my one course approach is currently influenced more by my purse, I really struggle to see a time when more than a course will be necessary. And that's coming from a well-established glutton! I was full halfway through my soup - a bright green salty potion with pearls of sweet pea respite at the bottom. The salmon was, as expected, very fresh and luxurious with creamy, just-set quail eggs interjecting.
The pork was the star of the show. So flavoursome and pressed with rosemary and char. The crackling crisp was teethbreakingly hard and it was very amusing to watch the Explorer attempt to eat it with cutlery. Use your hands, man! The mash was my favourite. There is nothing quite as comforting as a well done mash. And this mash was exceptionally well done. Unfortunately, I was already so full that I barely dented it. And most of the fish and chips were left even though we both put our best foot forward at eating it. Probably because the fish itself was much too salty, a real shame because the texture was perfect. Even the amazing tartare and mushy peas couldn't make it bearable. 

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