Sunday, 15 June 2014

Review - Laxeiro

Yeahhh it's World Cup season! I really care. (Not.) To kick off (ha, ha) the action, we had planned to go to the Old George. In fact, we still went but didn't eat there. What a hidden gem! It looks like a scrubby, gross old man pub from the outside. Inside, it's all funky chairs and polished oak and seasonal menu. A lovely looking seasonal menu! But its ever changing nature meant that we had our heart set on dishes that were no longer in season that we'd seen online. Incidentally, I had a great business idea. Why doesn't set up a service so that you can text your order to the bar? It would really suit gluttons like me who are too slovenly to move but still need their fill of pies. (By the way, I really do try to spur myself into activity by walking long distances at the weekend in an attempt to counteract the pies.) ANYWAY, we wanted snacky tapas - Laxeiro!
Oh my God, I'm so glad I finally got here. We went a bit mad and ordered everything: garlic chicken, patatas bravas, ham croquettes, pisto, green beans, sardines. Was there something else? I feel like there was more fish somewhere. Everything was bloody excellent. The sardines we're so just done, tender with a hint of rocky saltiness. I am so glad we ordered both the potato dishes (there was a chance of us not) - both classics, perfectly executed. Green beans were fresh and crunchy, satisfying the craving left by Andina. The garlic chicken I think was my favourite: well coated in a garlicky crumb with stringy, moist chicken thigh within. Pisto was sweet and luxurious with a gooey egg on top.

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