Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review - Moro

In my first ever stint of living in London, I was based in Farringdon. Farringdon is lovely, I could walk to work and was surrounded by cute little gastropubs and restaurants, not to mention Exmouth Market. The problem which arose was that in my second year of university, I didn't have all that much expendable income. I mean, I did, but there was the constant loom of 'I don't have a job and can't just expect to come across more money' (this attitude has been replaced by 'there will always be more money coming' which is arguably worse) so spending £50 on a meal didn't feel so reasonable. Farringdon probably wasn't the right fit location-wise with that in mind. Now that I am comfortable enough with spending too much on potentially average food, I never find myself in Farringdon. I have the best intentions but have only seen them through once. And on that one occasion, I ended up at the Castle which is one of the few Farringdon pubs I actually visited while I lived there. (I was really craving mash and that was the only place which seemed to do it.) Anyway, while I was hanging out there I managed to get the law firm I was working at to take me to Moro. I remember it as one of the best meals I've ever had but didn't have this little blog to discuss it on. I returned there this Thursday with work (not a law firm)! Let's discuss if it 'met or exceeded expectations'.
I've only got one photo of the food as I didn't want to keep drawing attention to the fact that I have a blog in front of my colleagues. That's my starter you see there - sardines. They were really simple - grilled with lemon and so fishy you could almost be in a fishing village. A bright green sauce made I think primarily of parsley came alongside it keeping the sardine true to its simple roots but jazzing it up a little. I chose the chicken for a main. It was going to be wood pigeon but since we're at the mercy of what's seasonal in a place like Moro, I think they replaced the essence of the dish with chicken. I considered whether I was choosing the boring option but I figured that if chicken was going to excel anywhere, it's Moro. It was charred and tart, I think with paprika, with a nutty bean accompaniment not discussed in the menu alongside it. I love how every dish came with its equivalent of an appropriately juicy lentil / bean combination! I didn't even come close to finishing my main but still decided to share pudding. Chocolate and apricot tart! So much more chocolate than apricot. So rich. I can recapture exactly how it tasted on Thursday! But sadly, words are failing me. The tart was the best bit though. So, to conclude: Moro was great. And, for what it is, it's very reasonably priced - around £80 a head for three courses, an aperatif and wine. However - I remember it having been better. I don't know if this is my memory being unreliable or a concession to the fact that I've eaten in a lot more places since I was first at Moro. Anyway, it's still well worth a visit. But it's not in my top five anymore...

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