Thursday, 25 September 2014

Review - The Hemingway

Almost two weeks later, I finally get round to writing about the Hemingway. Thankfully for you, I remember vividly what I was feeling that day: terrible. However, the nausea and soul-killing headache was mixed with a slight satisfaction - I had stayed up until 7 the night before! (That's 7am to those that think this is me bragging about how early I go to bed.) In the first few months of job, I didn't mind a jot about going to bed early. Not sucking > being a fun person with a social life. But then in Edinburgh, seeing university pals again and being reminded of a past life (lol, two years ago) and how my peers hadn't gone into sleepy granny mode had me determined to do more fun. (Except that then I kept falling asleep anyway.) anyway, basically I feel like I've reclaimed something, even if it's difficult to articulate what. Anyway, back to the Hemingway. After feeling like crap and going back to bed until 5, the Explorer and I decided it was time to be active. But since obviously that wasn't going to go well, we went to the pub and gorged instead. The Hemingway is my all time favourite pub.

We got a spread. Scotch egg, battered sole goujons, honey mustard sausage and a roast. The scotch egg, as before, was gooey yolked and unctuous. Most impressively, the piccalilli was almost as good as the egg - sour and fresh. The goujons and their tartare were completely without fault. Two weeks later, I'm still thinking about the one I didn't finish and regretting it. The sausages tasted high quality, as did the honey they were glazed in. The lamb was done just how I like and the trimmings had that wonderful, mushy togetherness that makes a roast so comforting. Probably the best pub food I've had.

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