Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Review - Lady Ottoline

I keep going to eat at places that my boss recommends and I seem like a strange suck-up fangirl. But she just has really good recommendations! (And also, I aspire to be as well-eaten and dressed and together as her in a decade.) It was just a shame that I was feeling ill and worn on the Wednesday when we went to Lady Ottoline at her recommendation with the Explorer's parents. I had that horrible woozy feeling where it feels like you're outside yourself and on the cusp of too hot and too cold and nothing helps to get more comfortable. Sadly, this meant that I wasn't in the right frame of mind to drink in the near perfect pubiness of Lady Ottoline. It also meant that I wasn't in the best frame of mind to make conversation with people I see twice a year. Especially not about the relative merits of living in the Cayman Islands over London. I have literally no empathy for why you would make that life choice. Beaches get boring. Incessant religion is boring from the start. Not paying tax is something of which I strongly disapprove. (I can barely get on board with ISAs when the term 'tax efficient' is applied to it.) Anyway, these are the thoughts that I refrained from mentioning. I didn't even mention my 'lol not lol' Oyster card with a picture of a beach reading 'rush hour in the Cayman Islands' and how it's actually a big old joke because I'd rather cut off my little toe than live in a place that lackadaisical and laid back. I think perhaps the Explorer's mum agrees with me even if she phrased it as more based on the positives of London. One of those positives being lovely pubs with lovely food like Lady Ottoline. I had the pigeon terrine with a green bean salad as my appetite wasn't raving. 

First comment - small portions. £1.50 of bread entitled you to two small slices. However, despite the meanness of the portions, the food was enjoyable. The terrine was gamey and savoury and made me long for Wolf Hall. The salad was articulate and well dressed, with crunchy walnuts running through it marrying well with the pigeon. Gnocchi was equally stingy but intricate and gravadlax was super fresh. I was probably most impressed by the chicken Caesar - to make one of those taste actually like something I regret not ordering is impressive. But, my overriding impression was that the portions were small, even more so than its sister the Proncess.

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