Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Review - No 67

I should keep an open mind about unplanned weekends. As this one showed, impromptu can be much more fun. But only if you've got a liquid supply of people you don't have to plan to see on top. (I've rather mixed my metaphors there.) This particular weekend, I ended up at No 67 in Peckham. We've tried to go once before but after making our brunch guy cycle from Peckham to Homerton and then back again, we ended to opposite my office as I have no imagination. This time round, we made the 40 minute journey without even using the lack of overground as an excuse.
To rectify past mistakes (the time that I didn't get waffles and bacon even though I really wanted waffles and bacon), I ordered. Well, I'll let you figure that one out. And by Jove, was it delicious. The waffles were almost crackable and yet still becoming mildly soft from being drenched in maple syrup. Mmm, syrup. The shards of bacon were equally sharp and oh so smoky. I don't really get why all bacon isn't served with maple syrup - that's what this brunch had me thinking. The only bit that I was even minorly disappointed by was the bubble and squeak. Unnecessary in terms of hunger but v necessary in terms of maintaining the 'always order bubble and squeak if there's bubble and squeak to be ordered' game. And even then, pairing it with bacon righted its salt imbalance. And all of this took place in a sumptuous, clean, white space with a cute little garden outside and some unexceptional but enjoyable contemporary art above. 

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