Saturday, 20 September 2014

Review - Pimlico Fresh

Last Saturday, I dared venture further than 5 miles from my front door. I went to Pimlico! And, more self-satisfyingly, I got there by 12! Unfortunately, my brunch companion who lives only 10 minutes away was busy throwing up in a bin or pulling furniture down in his flat or something. (He was actually just asleep.) But since I've previously failed to show up for dinner altogether, I couldn't mind too much. Especially since the Explorer was there to hold my hand and ensure I never have to eat alone. (Puke.) We battled the confusing system of the Pimlico Fresh queue to settle on smoked salmon and avocado toast and lasagne with salad.
I'll admit, I misread the menu - I actually meant to get eggs with salmon. But the salmon that I was presented was thick, nicely cut and peppered. The avocado was creamy and needed a little something (chilli? more lemon? I don't know how to punctuate within brackets as I've just realised) to make it a bit less claggy tasting. The lasagne was actually better than the breakfasty food - light and tangy rather than hearty. And well paired with an almost nutty broccoli salad. 

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