Sunday, 7 September 2014

Review - The Princess of Shoreditch

I can't remember where or why I first heard the phrase 'champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends'. I feel like it must either have been someone's screen name back in the MSN days (RIP) or something someone said as an ironic throwback to those days. Either way, I woke up with that phrase and a banging headache in my head on Saturday morning. The facts are as follows: I went to two sets of work drinks on Friday, got waylaid at the latter set that meant that I missed my dinner plans, meaning I'd eaten nothing by set of drinks no 3 (the one with my non-consultant pals). Consequently, I had to leave rather than go and meet more actual friends who I haven't seen in ages because I really needed some food. Food that I didn't get because as soon as I got in moving transport, I felt so sick that I had to go straight to bed. Anyway, basically it appears that despite spending 50 hours with coworkers anyway, I can't get enough of them on Friday. Why is this? Well, firstly, I like them. Which is nice! And then there's the whole element of needing that non-professional time at the end of the week when we all remember that as stressy as it might get, we're all normal real life humans who enjoy normal real life human things. Nevertheless, I wish I stopped making this no-dinner mistake and saw my real life human pals more. Even lunch at the Princess couldn't sustain me.
Actually, lunch at the Princess was again with a work pal (one who is my boss and also pseudo-mentor) who is good to lunch with as she's also into food. She gives me hope that if I carry on as I am, one day I'll own a little house in Hackney (or more likely, Edmonton/Barking) and eat at fancy places on my birthday. We went to the Princess after considering  tapas and ended up ordering in a small plates for sharing style. The heaviest of them were the potted brisket with sour dough and pickles and the lamb fritters. Both meats were soft and stringy- the lamb encased in a perfectly amber, crisp crumb. It came with a well-balanced, salty anchovy and parsley butter. Mmm. The pickles were my favourite bit - a good level of acidity to balance the heaviness of the meat. My least favourite were the fried anchovies - unexpectedly battered and a bit claggy. Double fried chips were the best I've had in a long time and the salad was unspectacular but well dressed. It's just occurred to me that they didn't bring the courgette flowers! Oh well - there was plenty to eat.

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