Saturday, 11 October 2014

Review - Gaby's

Friday nights are a nightmare. As you're bored of hearing me say, there's the logistical pressure of turning up to all social occasions mildly tipsy. Then there's the tiredness and sense that your life is slipping away if you don't make it to your plans or the expense and despair the next day if you do. As previously discussed, I've been keen to break the cycle. So this week, I left mega early, learnt a fraction about Assyria and then got a pedicure. Pedicures are great! I fear I've found another thing to waste my money on but my feet feel so good. It was in aid of a friend's (24th!) birthday and she picked the restaurants afterwards.
I was apprehensive when I saw the outside until I saw the vats of colourful salad. On her recommendation, I went for the small salad plate and got falafel as my first choice. Oh my god this falafel. It was phenomenally crispy, a crunchy little savoury treat. With my salads, I went two ways - half slaw and beetroot and vaguely central / Eastern European and half middle eastern. Best in class at both! The creamy, dill covered crushed potatoes went effortlessly with the beetroot. Oh and the slaw! I was slightly less a fan of the cauliflowery middle eastern half. Except that the falafel was faultless.

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