Saturday, 18 October 2014

Review - The Joint

The other thing about Friday is the influence is the undue influence it has over the rest of the weekend. Getting Friday wrong can mean scuppering painfully wrought plans on Saturday. That being said, if that happens, my confidence is restored that not planning every moment won't end in boredom and loneliness. So, as carefully perfected Saturday plans went out of the window, they were replaced by a laissez-faire trip to Brixton where I was comically underdressed for the weather. We ate at the Joint.

The people sat next to us had slammed the pulled pork but I wasn't keen on it anyway. I went for the Asian style panko breadcrumbed chicken. It was well crumbed and went well with the sweet bun and the fresh slaw. It came with a sticky suspiciously American BBQ tasting sauce which made it difficult to distinguish where the Asian element came from. It was nice enough but not outstanding. The ribs, on the other hand, really were great. Falling off the bone and the right mix of sugar and tang. The onion rings were similarly well done. I wouldn't mind going back and nor would I discourage it but there's not enough to be enthusiastic about.

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