Sunday, 26 October 2014

Review - Machete

I've been avoiding restaurants where you have to queue recently in favour of making reservations and then flaking out on said reservations. That's what went down in Victoria Park Village on one date night. It all started because I was craving meat. A big fat juicy steak. Fish House doesn't lend itself to steak. So we went to The Empress for a drink and instead of piping up with an 'I want entrecĂ´te', we made a new booking at Machete, the reasoning being that I could get a steak burrito. Or, as it turns out, steak tacos with rice and beans on the side. The Explorer got a pork burrito. 
It's a testament to how successful it was that I remember the succulence of the meat three weeks on. I can particularly remember an acidity of the vinegar marinade (I think) - juicy and pungent without overpowering. The beans were creamy and soft, salty with a refreshing salsa sitting next door. The rice was spiced and, crucial for restaurant rice, didn't leave me feeling like I could have made it myself.

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