Friday, 3 October 2014

Review - Sushi No En

So you know how I was harping on about how reclaimed of my youth I felt for the pathetic reason that I managed to stay out to a reasonable hour? Well, I spoke too soon - the previous weekend took me out to the extent that I fell asleep in a pub on Friday night despite it being the return of a pal who I haven't seen in half a year. I felt so guilty and stilted the next morning because I'd just been sat there like a boring alien. It was difficult to tell if the alien feeling was tiredness or me being ill at ease. I haven't felt ill at ease for ages. These were the thoughts that I was pondering as I sat on a bus to meet the Explorer from his graduation. We were meeting for lunch but both so indecisive that we wandered for an hour before settling on Sushi No En. I was hesitant as previous Saturdays where we've ambled emptily have ended in bad food and oppressive boredom but this place stopped that happening.
It looks so scabby from the outside! It looks cheap and tacky and like the food is aimed solely at QM students. It's completely different inside. They have a whole section of traditionally sunken Japanese seating. And anime playing on a wall! 
And the food was spectacular. We had a salmon teriyaki bento box and the pork katsu. So many extras! The miso soup was warming and savoury enough that I had it all rather than getting bored. The little vegetable dumpling and sweet potato cake were, frankly, odd, but in a pleasant way. The salmon avocado sushi rolls were fresh and difficult to describe, as sushi often is for me. I think the salmon teriyaki is amongst the best salmon of any cuisine I've had. And the sauce! None of that horrid stickiness, just a golden sweetness to it. I haven't even mentioned the pork - my favourite. This is my new favourite restaurant.

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