Sunday, 23 November 2014

Review - 3 South Place Brunch

I finally got to South Place. I've been trying for a while but various silly things keep getting in the way, mainly hangovers. The inevitable happened of when you're looking forward to something - it disappointed. Firstly, I was ill. I'd just been to Berlin with work and that meant that I felt really rough and was exposed to a whole new set of germs. I had a nasty cough and my throat felt like I'd swallowed some glass. (Actually, that would feel a whole lot worse. But you get the point.) Secondly, another member of the group was hanging. Which meant no drinking. Which was stupid because the whole point of going to South Place rather than everywhere that you don't pay a premium for unlimited refills of prosecco is that there are unlimited refills of prosecco. Duh. Anyway, it gets worse. The tone for the meal was set when the waitress ID'd us. What the eff. Seriously, I know I look young but COME ON. However, I appreciate that it's her job. My non-drinking hungover pal was not so docile. Then there was a whole thing about the waiter pointing out to Contrary that a starter and a dessert would cost the same as any other two courses and it was so patronising and kind of rude. OK, so the food.
The show stopper was the chorizo duck egg toast. I don't know what they did to it but it was bloody good. Similarly - the fish and chips were ON POINT. The best I've had by an order of magnitude. They did a beautiful thing with the condiments too - mixed the tartare with the mushy peas. Wow! But seriously - actually wow. It combined the silky gooiness with the tart brightness. The fish pie was warm and exactly what I wanted to eat. But it was a little lacklustre. Ditto for the chocolate cake - though that redeemed itself with the most sparky sorbet I've had - cherry. Mmm. Waffles were terrible - they really seemed like they'd come out of a packet. The food is great quality but not so great that it justifies the price. The absolutely delicious, crisp and cold prosecco justifies the price. Don't go if you're not drinking. Or if you don't drink.

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