Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review - Dirty Burger

I'm sick of queuing for restaurants. Are we not over this already? It makes planning an evening INSUFFERABLE. That has been my reaction on three separate occasions where I've tried to go to Dirty Burger in Stepney. On the first occasion, I wasn't irate but disappointed. The second time, I was due to go up north for work the next day and was really angry and actually cancelled all my plans. The most recent time, I was on my way back from Barcelona and I was so hungry but I went to meet a friend passing through London and then got EVEN HUNGRIER and also was pissed off at something completely unrelated so I was REALLY ANGRY (proper capitals angry) and was only calmed by the presence of Nandos next door. (There was a brief moment where I thought there was a queue for Nandos too and I srsly almost flipped out.) So with this back story, I was fully expecting Dirty Burger to disappoint on the queuing to taste ratio. I finally got to go before Genesis on a Wednesday. I went for the burger with cheese and bacon and shared onion fries and slaw with my (veggie) dinner companion.
OK - I concede this is the second best burger in London. It doesn't top Honest but it's getting pretty close to the world of perfect forms burger. It's also doing a different thing to Honest - this burger is unashamedly simpler, greasier and saltier. It is sloppy and meaty and makes your hands smell. It comes in a wrapper which I quite like. It is essentially an example of how McDonalds could be if it wanted to spend any money on anything. It is dirty. (Well named and well branded.) The onion fries took convenience / fast food to a genius new level - essentially onion rings cut into a convenient shape. The batter was quite floury but it worked well. The slaw was truly excellent - the right balance of slathered to tart. I begrudgingly admit that it was worth waiting for.

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