Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Review - Lobster Kitchen

The moral of this story is don't believe the hype. It's rare that I'll suggest going for dinner way more central than Bow will ever be on a day before Thursday. But when I heard about half price lobster, I was all 'Oh boy! Golly gee! This lobster place sure sounds real nice, I better get there when there won't be a queue!' HOW WRONG I WAS. The evening started pleasantly with a pal who I don't see as often anymore. In fact, I don't really see any of my pals very often anymore. Sad. Lonely. (Not really - well, a bit.) But there we were, hanging out in Vagabond with the vinomatic machines. I was relieved to learn that conversation wasn't stilted, and only mildly tinged with light awkwardness of 'oh I haven't seen you in a while I don't really know how you live anymore!' Anyway, after that, we moved on to the difficult to find Lobster Kitchen. Firstly - there was a queue. Which I don't mind all that much except the waitress was incapable of telling us how long to expect to wait. That pissed me off. Every other restaurant manages it! Then, we queued. Fine. Then, we were sat. OK. Then, they don't take card - terrible. What century are we in? I ordered - lobster roll, shoestring fries, breaded clams, wine.
Wine - the cheapest was still rather nice. Shoestring fries - good enough but definitely not shoestring. The polar opposite. Breaded clams - no. Just no. They were tiny! They were literally like shards of batter. And this annoyed me most because I've been craving breaded clams ever since I read a 'lunch with the FT' involving someone I can't remember and some clams IN JULY. Unimpressed. The lobster - small. So small. Bearing in mind that full price, this will match Burger and Lobster's offering - this was TINY. And no unlimited sides or well dressed salad to match! I went for the cocktail stuffing which may have been a mistake as it was slathered. I could barely taste what lobster there was. I'm not going back.

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