Wednesday, 24 December 2014

On the Korean food resurgence

'I'm just a bit sick of the whole trend of hipster foods with a Korean twist. I just want to eat something normal.' - last words of Ari c. 6.30pm, Tuesday 4th December. 

Jesus, it was the 4th of December when I started writing this. Almost three weeks! What have I been doing since then that's meant that I look at the Blogger app blankly every morning that I sit on the bus? Hmm? I'LL TELL YOU WHAT. A whole lot of nothing. And by nothing, I mean nothing worth reporting. Eating out, buying unnecessary things, cooking, Roman Road, work work work, day trips North. I can barely remember the evening of the KFC (Korean fried chicken). Still, I suppose it's good to have a record of these things so that if ever I'm arrested for a crime I didn't do, I'll remember every evening with super specificity. (#Serial) In the first episode, she said that she interviewed teenagers and it was remarkable how little they remembered when something notable didn't happen. (Oh God I just re-remembered I am close to a decade away from being a teenager now.) Something notable happened when I went to Jubo - we had three different courses in three different places. That's what passes as notable for me these days. So the lack of anything interesting (that I want to share publicly) going on in my life-- Right, I did it again. I forgot to finish this post and now almost another week has passed. Let's give up and talk about the food.
Right, so, Korean food. In short, I'm not a fan. That is to say, if I had to eat at a Korean place, I'm sure I'd find something I want and I'd eat it. But I'd never choose it. I wasn't expecting to hold this opinion after really enjoying Kimchee. But then, it's telling that despite being surrounded by K-food central at work, I never choose to go to any of the others. But sometimes it's good to give other people a say - that's how I ended up at On the Bap on one Friday afternoon for lunch. I had the beef bulgogi - flavour high, texture makes me grimace to remember. Gracefully scented rice. 'Kimchi' a little too heavy on the mayo for me - now when I remember it I think of an odd pink, drippy slime slowly dripping down into my rice. Gross. Ew.
I'll admit that the Korean fried chicken looked pretty good - particularly in the context of the 'lots of chicken and beer' deal. So on that fateful Tuesday night, I decided to step out to Jubo. We went half medium, half hot hot hot - this was a good call because on reflection, my favourite thing about the food was that endorphin rush you get from eating lots of spicy food really quickly - where your lips swell up and you're wide-eyed and close to manic and it's all very sensual. However, when I remember the taste over the experience, I think of a very sweet, heady salt. And then I feel like I almost have a headache. 

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