Monday, 1 December 2014

Review - Rochelle Canteen

Who visits a hidden away cafe that requires you to ring a buzzer and is only open 10 to 4 on weekdays? Well, evidently me as otherwise I wouldn't have opened with that. But seriously, I'm surprised that this place gets enough customers to keep going. Except that when the food I came, I got it. They do very simple, classic plates without pretensions. The service is elegant and quick without being either forced or rushed. Being tucked away in a school yard on Arnold Circus only adds to its charm. Obviously none of this would matter a jot if the food didn't back it up - I had mackerel and potato salad, game faggots, chicken pie and tried some rabbit terrine.
The rabbit terrine was best - proper chunks of rabbit soaked (metaphorically) in warming clove-y spice. The bread that came with it seemed fake because it was so perfect. The mackerel was well doused in a tart and almost fruity dressing that made it sweet - nicely done but not what I fancied that day. The pastry was oh so buttery and so hot they you had to crack it open to let enough steam escape that it was edible. Within sat a luscious chicken and vegetable broth, simultaneously managing to keep the chicken moist but the pastry crisp. The faggots were a testament to simple food done well, almost falling apart they were so tender. The mash that sat alongside was both creamy and nutty and stood out for itself. Worth spending £25 on lunch.

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