Sunday, 25 January 2015

Review - Bouchon Fourchette

I've spoken several times about how uncharacteristic it is for me to want a slab of flat, juicy, meaty steak. You'd think that would only be intensified by my Flat Iron experience. Apparently not - I went for dinner at Bouchon Fourchette because I wanted to rip my teeth through a bloody-- gross, I can't finish this now that I'm not in the mood for steak. You know what goes well with steak? Wine. Blueberry red wine. Of course, I had to self-deny. Instead, I indulged in pudding. It didn't quite hit the same spot. Especially in the present company, my pal who's an example for why you should live a life unfettered by preconceptions or fear. (We don't have that in common.) We had exactly the same supper though so maybe I could learn.

And what a supper it was! The minute steak was juicy without being bloody, plump and lean without reminding me that it used to be a muscle. The chips that sat beside in a little paper case were a posh version of McDonald's - I mean that fully as a compliment. Garlicky spinach was again done right - no waterlogged leaves, a strong but not overly punchy level of garlic. Pudding shine too - wafer thin pastry that was crisp at the edges and soaked through at the bottom with chantilly ice cream. Mmm.

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