Saturday, 10 January 2015

Review - Flat Iron

A combination of the Explorer's five week absence and having been back at my parents' means that I have full regressed. Most of the time, this makes me feel glad that I'm with someone. It's a cosy body bag where you don't have to think or reflect on your weaknesses and how they're perceived. However, the five week period is also a microcosm of a breakup. It goes from being weird to awful to actually OK. And you spend the weird and actually OK bit thinking that being irretrievably linked with someone stifles the very thing that made you yourself. Acceptance is a wonderful thing - it is so lovely to know that you are wanted and appreciated however boring your stories are/greasy your hair is/chopped your nails are. Equally, it makes you complacent. You don't have to try to show the best of your appearance or personality. You don't ever have to be alone and I've come to realise that actually, the aloneness (and loneliness) adds a lot. Nevertheless, while it might be good to be reminded that you're still capable of feeling feelings that you thought were long dead, they're fundamentally no fun. Having last minute plans is great, but the safety net of someone to hang out with anyway should only make that better. Ditto making an effort with new friends - and actually, this should be easier with the confidence that actually, someone wants to hang out with you even when they're doing chores while you smugly declare that you're 'project managing'. At the end of the day, having to rely on the mercy of other people liking you for who you are sucks. It's kind of good that it makes you up your game. But waiting for replies to messages is horrible and pathetic. And now you have the added salt of 'you're 23 and there's not much moulding or change to be made that can mitigate any of these thoughts'. Still, it's good to be able to go to Flat Iron with a few hours' notice. (Ditto going for a semi big one with your best boy pal on a Friday in a bar full of pre-20s.)

I was expecting a lot from Flat Iron. It has been described as the best steak in London to me before. It's not. Or if it is, steak isn't anything worth mooning over. The chips and spinach were worth going to for their artfulness alone - as it the chefs get so bored of doing steak again and again that they put their soul into the sides. But the steak itself was full of the taste of iron over anything else. To make it worse, it wasn't tender and could have had a few more hours with the meat mallet. However, steak, chips, spinach, salad and a carafe of wine for £22 is nothing to sniff at. But equally, nothing to wait an hour for.

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