Saturday, 10 January 2015

Review - Mishkins

Two things have sprung out to me as a result of my QLC (quarter life crisis, obv). One: I'm much less concerned about clean than I once was, it just suited my serious work-doing self. American Psycho hit it on the head with the immaculate apartment - paranoid just-so cleanliness is all mixed in with control and is the antithesis of feeling comfortable in your own skin. But hey I forgot to wash up a lunchbox for four days (gross) so I must be super-comfortable! Two: being highly strung and on edge and surrounded by drama is not cool or fun and is mostly tiresome. This point was made well by my lunch pal last Saturday. We sat in Mishkin's and I enjoyed the best flat white I've had in London while she reminded me (through anecdotes about someone she knows) that feeling bored is a luxury. Then our slaw came.
And what a slaw it was! It was unusually almost aniseedy, but mild at the same time. It was just dressed so the crunch of the cabbage (or possibly kohlrabi) was still intat. It went really well with the mac and cheese - this was rich but at the same time zesty. It reminded me of what the base for lobster mac and cheese should be like. I had half a salt beef sandwich with it. The bread was so soft that it almost crumbled. The beef was, as expected, wonderfully briny. And they have the art of having the right number of pickles and the lightest slathering of mustard down. I'm probably going to be boring and eat my way through the menu.

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