Sunday, 25 January 2015

Review - Namo

And just a week after espousing the virtues of boredom, I threw away my inner peace, sanity and boredom for a full 12 hours and freaked out like it was 2009. (Side note: it still hasn't hit home that 2000 was almost 20, not 10, years ago.) It's no bad thing (it is) - I'm using it as an opportunity to display all the fun lessons I've learnt in the past six years.

1. Hangovers are the worst thing for clarity of decision making, as is being so shit faced that being a bit sad comes across as pure mania.

2. Your problems are first world - try and manifest them into doing something good for someone less lucky and more grateful. Please, donate generously to one of my chosen charities for the year.

3. Your problems are boring - don't be a self indulgent dick who talks about them ad infinitum. Or at least, if you do - talk about it on a public web log where people who find it annoying can suck it in the knowledge that they chose to read this, you voyeuristic chump.

4. Always take a spare pair of contact lenses. One will fall out when you're doing decoy dinner at Namo before surprising the Explorer with a face cake and many pals for his birthday. Classic blind leading the unaware.
And what a dinner it was! We had chicken satay to start and it was chargrilled and caramelised in that attractive patchy way all through the outside. And the sauce that it came with was crack-level addictive. It was so punchy and sweet and yet had something that set it apart from those drippy, wet shadows of sauces that you see so often with Vietnamese starters. Then came the mains. As it was the Explorer's decoy birthday, I didn't order for both of us. And now I can say that I am so right to order everything all the time as his order was such an error. I mean, it was fine but it didn't get finished. Bun Xa prawns with a strong sauce that was not dissimilar to the one we had with our starter. It just didn't quite gel with the slithery noodles and large, soft prawns in the same way. I went for the Hanoi beef and aubergine and that was probably the best dish I've had in a Vietnamese place. It's so good that I'm definitely going to fall into the trap of ordering it every time (as I do with the lemongrass chicken in Keu). FYI - the Explorer should have gone for either the coconut chicken or king prawn curry. #calledit.

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