Friday, 2 January 2015

Review - Secret Sunday Lunch Club, White Room Supper Club

I was recently speaking to someone about how it's sad for me that food's the thing that I'm really into. I am so overawed and blown away by the intelligence with which people I know talk about artists and musicians and writers and theatre and architects and film. It is such a shame that the thing that I can talk about as knowledgeably as people I know can talk about all those other things is food. I'm not even the best cook I know! With food, you have to turn it into something more. Reasonably so, since literally everyone eats and most people cook. A business idea or a stall or something in conjunction with an arts space. Or just something a little off kilter and on trend like a supper club. I have sometimes wondered whether I'd be able to start a supper club and, having been to two recently, I reckon I could. (If I had access to a beautiful, spacious flat in central London and any desire to, that is.) But also, that I wouldn't want to. To be polite to strangers taking over your home is a feat I'm just not capable off. I don't make the best first impression either so it wouldn't be any good for my ego. The first lunch club I've been to recently is the Secret Sunday Lunch Club. She lives in a flat of the bygone pre-recession days (I'm assuming as there are no flats that any of my friends have ever lived in which are that level of amazing.) She has a lovely table that somehow manages to make a ten seat table manageable. She makes a wonderful, sweet chestnut pate. Her blinis are lemon and home made. Her main course is full and picturesque. Her beef tender. Her vegetables a great blend of crisp and sugary. The leeks were my favourite and I'd recommend you go.

This was followed up quickly by the White Room Supper Club. Wow, what an amazing space. I wish I had the foresight and courage to take a punt on an up and coming area - I imagine I'd have a cavernous white space like this one. With a huuuuge window. It was immaculate and immaculately decorated. It's particularly impressive that the food was not my bag at all and I still had an enjoyable evening. But the food was reallllly not my bag - starter of liver on chocolate brioche was much too sweet for my tastes. The main, venison, tasted tinny and reminded me of shot even though there was no hint of shot to the thing. And spaetzle is not my cup of tea; it's primarily a texture problem arising from the 'lack of flavour' problem. Pudding was fine but not gingery enough and nothing special. I'd say it was still well worth it for the flat alone. A fabulous private dining experience that's actually affordable - £35 per person, BYOB. Apt thing to do for a work Christmas party! (My final parentheses - I got the BEST secret Santa gift. Really just the best.)

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