Friday, 2 January 2015

Ring it in with chilli

So far, 2015 has felt like a cruel joke. Over Christmas, I was almost teenage in my self-indulgence. Except, unlike a teenager, I cleaned up a bit and have taken over the primary cooking duties in the Haque household (Haquehold). Plus, I appreciate now that my parents probably want to see me and it's all melancholy how my mum's all sad and floaty when I'm around as she's already thinking about me being gone again. And I have the decency to feel guilty for that, especially since after two days I am so longing for London again that it's just like bad daughter bad daughter bad daughter. So I rewatched Girls and had too much time to think and considered EVERYTHING. Mainly, closing my blog down as I have no words anymore (sob). So I was all giddy and overexcited to see all my pals again. So much so that I went to not one but TWO social occasions with more than five people present yet didn't leave feeling like I hadn't made the most of it. At worst, I felt embarrassed at being just a bit too wasted and earnest at party #2 - literally bouncing around pouring drinks for people who didn't want them and telling a girl I had literally just met that she the best thing since sliced bread and iPhones. Aw, Jesus, I thought I was ready to talk about this in a self-referential way and not feel a hot shame but apparently it's too soon. Let's focus on party #1 - the Illusionist threw a dinner party. I wish he would always have dinner parties as I have only ever had the best time ate every party he's thrown. Here's to George and his fabulous chilli.

In a word: delicious. In three: just spicy enough. 

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