Saturday, 21 February 2015

Cheap Eats - Song Que, Afghan Kitchen

I have eaten out a lot more than anticipated in recent weeks. This is in part due to being particularly busy at work, having a particularly high proportion of evenings centred around drinking over dinner time and also to the fact that I've made a conscious decision to succumb to eating whatever junk food I might feel like. Restraint is boring and trying to battle on more than one front means it's less likely that I'll succeed on either. So I've chosen to succeed on the front that encourages my mental health and wellbeing rather than the one that plays to the desire to only eat nuts now under the guise of health and coincidentally also means conforming to the stereotype of slamming hot in today's society. The best argument to me for not eating out is not my health. It's that x meals out could one day be x bricks of a (horrible) house (in Catford). So here's some cheap eats I've visited recently in an attempt to curtail my out of control spending and buy half a brick in Dagenham one day.

Afghan Kitchen
A little cafe on Islington Green with communal tables. Guess what kind of food it serves! We had lamb with spinach, lentils, pumpkin with yoghurt and rice. The dahl was, as expected, comforting and reminded of home. The spinach was a little grey but the lamb melted in your mouth. The pumpkin was sweet and wholesome and offset by the tang of the yoghurt. I regret not getting the aubergine or the bread but since two of us didn't come close to finishing even this, it would've been just too greedy. £25 a head for an arsenal of food and a bottle of wine. 

Song Que Cafe
Friday lunch club was particularly lacking in members on this particular day. But it meant that me and the work pal who has the most adventurous food tastes were free to try somewhere with a good rep but scummy facade on the pho mile. I had beef with lemongrass which I still regret not finishing. It was very quick and the atmosphere there is anti-special but it does the job. About £8 at lunch.


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