Saturday, 21 February 2015

Review - Boqueria

I came to the end of a very busy week feeling like my holiday to the Cayman Islands could not come any sooner. Seriously, I don't know why I thought that going a whole quarter without a break would be good for my stress levels. So I decided to spend my weekend recharging. Nothing cultural. Nothing interesting. Not even much watching / reading / listening. Just kicking back and spending some time in my house, preferably in bed. Crucially, I just wanted to see my friends and return to a point where the most recently sent messages on my phone are not apologising for being late / missing a social event or saying I can't go to  something. I wanted to recapture some of the beautiful zen of Barcelona. So we went to Boqueria in Brixton instead. (This photo doesn't do it justice but I was so effing hungry.)
We had padron peppers, Iberian ham croquettes, bread with tomato, salt cod, creamed spinach with raisins, Iberian pork shoulder, creme Catalana and ice cream with sherries and raisins. Croquettes are always my favourite but hats probably just because I like croquettes so let's forget about those. The peppers were that paradoxical combination of salty and refreshing. Spinach was a tad heavy - less cream and more raisins would've gone down well. The pork shoulder was so pretty, I wally should've photographed it. It was a really elegant dish: chargrilled pork in little bites with sweet potato and lots of other little treats. Cod was the star of the show. On a green, creamy sauce where I forget what the constituent parts are. I think it's still worth mentioning the tomato bread as although it was lost in the tastiness of everything else, it was still supremely well executed. The ice cream could've been voozier and the creme Catalan has satisfied, finally, the craving I've had since Barcelona.

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