Saturday, 21 February 2015

Review - Bottega Prelibato

For Earnest's last birthday, I got her a book on mindfulness and how to be mindful. There's a cliche in there somewhere about taking a leaf out of her / my own book. Now Egg Lover's here preaching about mindfulness as well as eggs too. And then there's the Explorer making well intentioned but annoying comments about how I could especially benefit from practising. This is all good and well except that I know that if I were to make a conscious effort to do it, I'd end up not and then feeling guilty for not. (The classic Ari reaction.) My key battle for the year is planning less even if this means spending more money / being a bit bored sometimes / not having hand wash / foil / eggs when I need them. It's working! Generally it's positive but on this particular week I spent basically a million pounds (half mill on ubers) and consequently have a 'what you can't pay for in cash you have already taken out, you don't pay for' condition for the rest of the month. Some of this I spent in Bottega Prelibato with the Friday lunch club.

We were so hungry for lunch that we were silent. We were waiting for two other members of lunch club and were so hungry that we sent them the menu and just ordered anyway. Hunger trumped rudeness on this occasion. Three of us went for ravioli and it was SO EXCITING when they brought it over in a dish with two plates and a serving spoon. This is the way I like to eat! The ravioli struck the impossible balance between tasting fresh and feeling filling. However, another member of the lunch club went for tortellini and I got mad food envy which tinged my ravioli success somewhat. And we should make a special shout out to the salad for being well dressed.

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