Sunday, 22 March 2015

A few around the home

I'm going to ramble about having many selves and having to cultivate them but also having to have boundaries between them so that you don't send emails like 'so it's this person's surprise party, can you please action the following:...' in your personal life. In the past four months, I've been indulging work self in order to embody and channel more easily the things I need to be at work. Hence the eating out and ubering and spending every weekend being lavish and lazy and consuming nothing of value because it's too exhausting to think in free time. Now, that time has come to a close for a few months and it's time to indulge the home, cooks and sleeps a lot side for a while. (Also known as the better rounded, more culturally active side that is also a halfway passable girlfriend and has energy to READ.) I'm particularly looking forward to seeing more of London again. In recent months, virtually everything has revolved around the following locations:

- Shoreditch - work (drinks)
- Kings Cross - plasticky breakfasts, 7am trains
- Leeds - red wine, stuffy hotel rooms, trying to come across as older than 23
- Brixton - friends, no moderation, chance encounters with people you don't expect to see (c.f. ex-boyfriend Acre Lane Tesco)
- Bow - dinners, sleeping and sweeping on a Saturday morning, safety, occasional arguments, self, recalibration, tea, comfort

The last post focused on the food places spanning KGX, LDS and Shoreditch so this will cover the Brixton and Bow features of the past couple of weeks. And then there will be a new age of blog where I manage to leave the mile radius around my house and my office!
Right, so, Casa Morita. Little Mexican place in one of the markets. We went for the 'tasting menu' i.e. a platter of different dishes from around the menu. The unfortunate bit is that all of those bits involve tortillas so it was an unfortunate time to realise that I can't abide corn tortillas. All flour, all the way. Then what sticks out to me? The vegetarian taco mix was delicate and sweet. The pork (pulled, I guess) was pleasant. As were the cocktails. But my overall impression of the place was I could take or leave it. I'm unlikely to return unless I really have to. This is the complete opposite of my attitude to the George on Bethnal Green Road and its wonderful Jerusalem artichoke 'chips'. I have half a mind to look up when they're in season and go every week to get my fill. Later on Jerusalem artichoke day, we had cheese and ham and fruit time.

Lessons learnt: grilled peaches, prosciutto and honey go together well. Ricotta baked with figs and honey is great. I need to be less liberal about throwing together ingredients for devilled eggs as my first attempt were much too pungent. Lessons learnt from paella a week on: something about the lemons made it bitter. I forgot to put mustard in the chicory orange red onion salad. The Explorer makes a mean banoffee pie.


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